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Whether you’re replacing existing steps or building a new outdoor stairway, SJ Pools and landscaping will guide you through the many choices available for your project. With our custom ideas and 3D Design we will help you see and create the look that will compliment your home or landscape.

Patios, walkways, stone walls, driveways, and steps built by our professional masons will alter your outdoor spaces. You’ll spend more time in your yard than you have in the past!

We can create a patio that transforms your little backyard into a spacious retreat. Our paver pathways will transform that muddy track down the side of your property into a pleasant strolling path. We can transform your driveway from cracked concrete that contrasts with your home to a natural extension of the façade of your home.

You won’t have to worry about the nitty-gritty aspects thanks to our decades of landscape experience. You can paint us a picture in broad strokes. We’ll come up with a way to make it work. We understand how to solve drainage problems, establish low-maintenance gardens, and keep prices low. Johnson’s is your hassle-free full-service landscape solution.

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Steps and Retaining Walls

Having SJ Pools and Landscaping at your disposal means it doesn’t get any easier for constructing a retaining wall. We make it easy and cost-effective to retain soil while creating a lovely aesthetic for your home and property. However, while it may appear simple to stack some stones, having a retaining wall built by a competent landscaping company in Paramus, NJ is critical.

SJ Pools and Landscaping offers a wide range of retaining wall options, including:

Gravity Walls/Reinforced Gravity Walls – These structures are used to keep earth in place. It comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, including buttressed retaining walls, pre-cast concrete retaining walls, and more.

Natural brick retaining walls – can add a sense of elegance to your home. A brick masonry retaining wall can also be included.

Earth Walls with Reinforcement – a hybrid system is made up of a number of different retaining wall structures that combine form and function.

There are many various sorts of walls, and retaining walls allow you to physically shape and create the landscape to meet your needs. A rustic style can be achieved with piled stone or brick, while a modern look can be achieved with concrete.

Retaining Wall Contractor in Paramus, NJ

There’s a lot that goes into building a retaining wall, and most of it happens beneath the surface in terms of keeping the soil in place. For example, the retaining wall must be constructed in such a way that water does not collect behind it while still draining through the base.

This is true for both retaining walls and steps, so no matter what type you choose, you should choose a professional landscaping company to install your retaining wall.

If you need a retaining wall installed at your house, give SJ Pools and Landscaping a call today. Our skilled installers will come to you with a variety of amazing design suggestions as well as a free, no-obligation price. Create a private room that combines form and function in one attractive design to add beauty to your home while keeping soil at bay. With SJ Pools and Landscaping, anything is possible!

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