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We specialize in elite swimming pool construction, with gunite, surrounding stone, pavers, masonry and landscaping. We know this is an important decision and a big investment so we are here to educate you on how your swimming pool or spa should be built, and make your new pool construction go as smoothly as possible.

As a custom pool builder we offer a wide variety of options: features like slides, decorative features such as waterfalls, colored lighting and mosaics to add ambience and beautiful esthetics. SJ Pools and Landscaping provides a total package of service, quality and selection to ensure your satisfaction so that you may enjoy your pool or spa for years to come.

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Pool & Patio Design

To aid with design of your custom pool or patio design, engage us for a 3D custom pool design. You’ll be able to consult with one of our qualified pool designers and pool construction experts.

One of the things that distinguishes us from many other pool builders is our attention to detail. Your pool and patio should be aesthetically pleasing and functional; it should also become a beautiful focal point to your yard. Including a sophisticated water feature in your pool’s design, such as a waterfall, deck jets or a fountain, will help you achieve this.

We have a large variety of water features that are available in a variety of styles. The list goes on and on, from a raised spa that spills over a spillway into the pool below to a bubbling fountain rising from a beach entry or cabo ledge, or even deck jets that steam colored water across the pool’s surface, or cascade from a retaining wall. Your pool designer will relish the opportunity to collaborate with you on these brilliant elements to further personalize your pool.

The incorporation of natural and/or manmade rock in your swimming pool design can have a dramatic effect. Natural stone veneers on a raised wall or deck, as well as dramatic boulders bordering a pool or defining a waterfall, all contribute to the tranquil and spectacular environment found in nature.

Presenting a Virtual Pool & Patio Design Concept

Our designers will start by presenting a pool design & backyard concept in 3D that can be manipulated to the exact specifications of the build we will actually perform in your backyard. Upon approving a design, we’ll begin the permitting process right away in order to start construction.

Permitting & Layout

An engineer will begin by spray painting the design on the ground in the location where the actual pool will be installed. Before we provide the excavation crew the guide for the dig, we want to make sure you like the layout. This stage of the process can take up to a week, depending on how many adjustments are required to finish the layout of where your pool, equipment, and other backyard amenities will go.

Planning Your Pool Excavation

After you’ve obtained your building permits, you can start excavating. The entire process, crews, and necessary equipment will be scheduled, coordinated, and planned by one of our veteran project managers.

Measure Twice Cut Once

At the outset of excavating your inground pool, a professional draftsman will measure your entire property before the process of bringing in heavy machinery to perform the excavation takes place. This guarantees that the work is done correctly. During this step in the process, we’re able to identify any errors and course-correct before we excavate the pool area.

The Pool Building Process Becomes Real

This excavation of your inground pool will be a thrilling experience for the entire family to witness. This is when the entire process becomes to become real and you can know for certain you’re getting a pool. Everyone enjoys watching large machinery at action, and you’ll be able to see your backyard transform into your new swimming pool right before your eyes. Our pool construction experts make it appear simple, yet have spent decades achieving the expertise and talent necessary to make the entire process as seamless as possible.

Our Pool Construction Process

We’ll begin your pool construction project by grading and excavating the site. During this step, we’ll also undertake any essential demolition to prep the pool & patio area for construction. We will finish the rough plumbing and electrical after the site has been excavated, and then install the steel reinforcing rods, or rebar, which will contribute to the strength and longevity of your pool shell.

Creating A Long Lasting Pool Shell

It’s during this phase of pool construction that your inground pool will now be inspected for the very first time. Following that, a concrete pool shell will be applied pneumatically under high pressure to form a tight bond around the rebar. This strengthens the steel and provides the pool with a longer lifespan that typically lasts for decades.

At this stage, tile will now be installed along with the interior of the swimming pool’s waterline. We’re pleased to be able to provide and install a wide range of pool tiles in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors. We are one of the few companies in the local area specializing in mosaic pool tile installation. We provide a large assortment to assist even the most discerning homeowners to change their pool into something spectacular.

Creating a Complete Pool & Patio Area

Pool decking is next, which not only frames your pool but also adds to the beauty of your backyard with a variety of materials, colors, and patterns. Only the greatest concrete installers who specialize in swimming pool decking work for our company. Before the decking is installed, we’ll gain your consent on the layout and have it inspected.

Nearing the final phase of pool construction your pool equipment will be installed. We have a wide range of pool equipment options, from ordinary to ecologically friendly to fully automated. Any additional features, such as gates, fences, or alarms, will be added here, and your pool will be inspected again.

Finally, your pool’s inside finish will be installed. Choosing a color for your pool is another way to personalize it, whether you go with plaster or one of the pebble treatments. We’ll start filling your pool with water after it’s been installed!

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