SJ Pools & Landscaping specializes in the excavation of inground swimming pools. In addition, we also perform a wide variety of excavation services for residential and commercial customers. This includes but is not limited to expert grading for sidewalks, driveways, patios, pools, trenches, etc. Stump removal, site removal and disposal.

  • Land Clearing
  • Demolition Work
  • Professional Grading
  • Swimming Pool Excavation
  • Excavating Foundations
  • Shoreline Stabilizing
  • Storm Drainage Excavation

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Land Clearing & Property Demo

With our land clearing service, our digging specialists work quickly to clear your property of trees, stumps, and other natural waste. We can also destroy any buildings or structures on the land so that new construction can begin as quickly as possible.

Excavation for Foundations & Basements

We are a building digging business with experience grading foundations for level foundations or slopes according to your demands. So that you can keep on time, our fleet of digging equipment will be able to fulfill the excavation needs of your building project.

Excavation of Shorelines

We also provide shoreline stabilization services if you need to stabilize the shores of a pond or lake. We can excavate securely near bodies of water in order to lay rip rap to avoid water erosion. Our digging experts are skilled at coordinating efforts with other contractors on the job site, ensuring that you get the best results possible.

Storm Drainage Excavation

Our excavation crews have extensive experience installing storm drains, catch basins, and manholes at any depth. You can rely on us to ensure that storm drainage systems are correctly established so that they can manage runoff as intended.

What You Need To Know About Pool Excavation

Excavation is an important aspect of the pool construction process. Pool excavation necessitates the use of heavy machinery as well as the expertise of a skilled pool builder. Building a pool is a messy procedure that cannot be avoided. An experienced SJ Pools and Landscaping expert will measure your land before beginning excavation to guarantee that the work is done correctly. During the method, they identify any errors and create a building duplicate. After you’ve obtained your building permits, you can start excavating. It is planned at a convenient time for you. Here’s how to excavate the dirt to make room for a pool.

Get a head start on the process by understanding the major activities that will—and could—take place before your pool contractor arrives with heavy machinery to excavate your new backyard getaway.

Pool builders physically lay out the contour of the pool in the backyard ground based on your design plan. Marking paint is used by tradespeople to draw attention to the plan. To designate the area to be excavated, they employ string lines, poles, and wood forms. The physical arrangement may also feature a pool decking area.

The plan will usually also show the pool deck, pool equipment location, access routes for machines to enter the yard, and the location of any outside amenities, such as an island barbecue. Landscaping areas may be indicated in some circumstances.

Pool Designing & Pool Planning

The process of designing a pool is known as pool planning. Your contractor will physically lay out the shape of your new pool in your backyard in accordance with your plan.

Typically, tradespeople will use ground marking paint and/or flexible wood forms, stakes, and string lines to do so. This physical layout may also show where your pool decking will be installed (unless you have chosen to build your deck or hire another contractor to install it).

Reviewing Your Pool Excavation

Our contractors will ask you to check the pool layout, its location in your yard, the deck configuration, and the location of the pool equipment before any digging begins.

This physical layout will be used by the excavation crew as a guide. Keep in mind that after the process starts, making modifications can be difficult and costly. Before anyone starts digging, make sure you’re satisfied with every aspect of your pool design!

Take a deep breath, because a massive, unsightly hole is about to form next to your house. Over the next three weeks, your backyard will resemble a disaster area and will be an active construction zone.

Understanding The Pool Excavation Process

Excavation is a time-consuming process. It’ll be mess for a while but the end result will be a sight to behold. There will be a lot of noise. It could be a little unsettling witnessing your fence get torn down, and your backyard lawn torn to shreds by heavy equipment.

But keep in mind that it’s all for a good cause: a beautiful outdoor leisure retreat that you’ll enjoy for years. Any short-term pain will be well worth it for such a valuable addition to your property.

Typical Time-Frame For Pool Excavation

In most home pool projects, the excavation is completed in one day. Larger pools or ones with complicated designs, on the other hand, may take two days.

The digging process will generally take longer in circumstances where there are difficult building conditions, such as soil instability or subsurface obstructions, such as rock or unexpected utility lines.

A large amount of soil and rocks will be transported from your property when the hole is dug. On the same day, the excavating crew will transport it away in a dump truck. In some projects, a piece of the dirt is left behind to allow for the backfilling of the pit with fresh earth. It aids in the preparation of the area for deck construction as well as the leveling of the ground.

The hole in your backyard will be larger than the pool itself. This extra area is required to accommodate the reinforcing metal framework and concrete shell. You should be cautious when approaching the excavated area. Children and dogs should be kept at a safe distance. The borders of the hole are sometimes prone to crumbling. As a result, avoid approaching the open area.

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