Proper Drainage and control of water on your residential or commercial property is essential. SJ Pools and Landscaping offers practical, affordable solutions to common issues.

French Drain – A sloped trench with perforated pipe and washed gravel is used to move excess water away from the yard in a controlled manner with this drainage system.

Channel Drains — Channel drains are made out of prefabricated, easy-to-install pipes with a removable grate on top that are used to keep external surface water out of buildings.

Catch Basins – These pieces of equipment are primarily used to divert rainfall from a roof’s gutter system to an underground sewer system. Surface water can also be diverted from low spout sections of the yard using a catch basin drainage system.

Yard Grading – To create a uniform slope, the landscape terrain is adjusted by adding or removing dirt. This ensures that the water flow is properly managed across the entire yard.

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Drainage Specialists

Our professionals can easily be your solution to water and drainage, and help you save water in both your front and back yards, using the latest in water conservation techniques and extensive testing.

The issue of irrigation and drainage is one of the most critical aspects of landscape planning, but it’s one that’s all too often overlooked. You may plan planting seeds that will maximize your water use, avoid the need for unnecessary watering, and maintain all of your plants healthy and vibrant once you truly understand the drainage on your land.

Landscaping Irrigation

Of course, irrigation is how you get water to your plants. There are numerous possibilities, ranging from a simple hose over your plants to a complex system of timers and sprinklers. The latter is the one we recommend. Watering your plants on a regular basis will keep them healthier, but most people don’t want to have to remember to do so every day or several times a week. You can also increase water absorption by setting your timers to water at night, when evaporation is the least.

Proper Drainage For Landscaping

Drainage is the flip side of irrigation. The rate at which water drains from the soil. Even in dry locations, you need soil that drains well. A clayey soil will have issues with water stagnating for an extended period of time, possibly damaging your plants’ roots. When the earth dries up, it cracks and becomes extremely hard, making it difficult to absorb water the next time you water it or it rains.

You must have enough of organic matter in the soil if you want healthy soil that encourages healthy plants. This will assist with drainage. You’ll need even more drainage for plants that thrive in poor soil. Building berms and growing drainage-loving plants on top of them is one technique to ensure adequate drainage.

Of course, adding compost to your soil isn’t the only way to improve drainage. You might have a low-lying region in your yard that accumulates water that needs a lot of drainage help. SJ Pools and Landscaping specializes in coming up with creative solutions to drainage problems, such as installing a French drain beneath a water-gathering area.

Landscape Irrigation and Water Conservation

Landscape irrigation services are one of the most crucial aspects of building a healthier outdoor living environment. Better irrigation allows you to get more out of the water you do use, and drainage guarantees that it gets to the roots quickly and without hurting your lawn. In rare circumstances, drainage can also keep mosquitos from making your lawn their home. Your irrigation upgrades will begin to pay for themselves over time as you save money on your water bill.

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