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Building Around The Clients Lifestyle
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Building Around The Clients Lifestyle

When discussing an outdoor living project with any of our customers it’s important to understand their lifestyle. Getting a complete picture of the form, function and requirements for our clients is paramount.

Helping them understand what outdoor living amenities are trending and current is a must when attempting to educate our discerning clientele. Consequently, we wrote a informative little guide to help homeowners understand what factors are important to consider when planning their project, and what homeowners are considering when planning an outdoor living project of their own.

Having a better correlation between the design of the home, the intended purpose of the outdoor living space, and the overall budget on the project will all help your designer make better recommendations when planning your backyard.

New Jersey Outdoor Living Trends

Reconnecting with the outdoors and experiencing the various perks of a sophisticated and modern backyard can be achieved by consulting with a expert professional that can help guide you through what is trending with homeowners.

Quite often we see incredibly elaborate backyards with complicated pools and water features and zero attention has been paid to one of the most important features, furniture. The topic itself should be anything but an afterthought in the minds of anyone planning a contemporary outdoor environment.

The Most Overlooked Feature – Patio Furniture

Your outdoor living space will be a waste of time, work, and money if the furniture isn’t comfortable. You and your visitors should be able to enjoy your fashionable outdoor living areas with ease and comfort if the things you install there are functional.

Outdoor Furniture – Natural Fibers Are In

Ergonomic outdoor furniture design is one of the newest trends affecting outdoor space functionality. Often, patio and deck furniture is stiff and awkward due to designers prioritizing weather-resistance over comfort and support. Even in the rain or shine, ergonomic outdoor furniture guarantees to keep you comfortable.

For outdoor decor, synthetic or fake materials are out. It is preferable to utilize natural materials instead of synthetic ones such as synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon.

Increased environmental consciousness, making places warmer, and adhering to the biophilic design are only a few of the reasons behind the design trend toward more natural materials.

Make use of natural materials throughout your home, whether it’s in the form of an indoor rug or other items like crockery, furniture, or plants. Natural elements, such as wood and stone, contrast beautifully with more traditional garden elements like concrete and stone.

Designing The Ideal Outdoor Living Area

When designing an outdoor living area, bright colors are an excellent choice. It’s no surprise that this year’s most popular outdoor color palette is comprised of warm and earthy hues that are both welcoming and calming.

There are a wide range of colors that are popular with consumers, from brown and taupe to terracotta and olive green.

Getting Creative in The Backyard

Be inventive when it comes to plants in areas where there’s not enough place for trees and shrubs. This is especially important if you have a smaller backyard. Plants can be hung at various heights and placed in attractive containers.

As an added bonus, vertical gardens are a great solution for those with limited yard space. Make a statement by combining different textures, florals, and leaf shapes. Fill your outside space with as many plants as you can, using your imagination.

Bringing The Indoors Outdoors

Your outdoor living space can be transformed into an actual room of your home by adding practical amenities. If you’re looking to expand your outdoor living space, you may want to consider installing a full outdoor kitchen. For those warm-weather months when you don’t want to separate your yard and inside kitchen, an outdoor kitchen is an excellent option. In addition to this, it allows you the opportunity to decorate the exterior of your home, perhaps with stylish counters, backsplashes and lighting.

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